Markshane Malone
Founder and owner

Founded by personal trainer and author Markshane Malone, Shape Up Studio provides personal training services to individuals, small groups and corporations. With a team of highly sought after nationally certified trainers, Shape Up Studio is a fully equipped weight training and human performance center. Our mission is to help people live longer, happier lives by eliminating preventable diseases. We work with people to lose weight, feel better and gain confidence.

There are no memberships or contracts when you come to Shape Up Studio. We take responsibility for your fitness program every step of the way and when you follow our program, guarantee results!

Mission Satement
It is our mission to help people take control of their health before their health takes control of them.

About Markshane Malone
Markshane Malone’s personal training career began with a wish for his mother’s health and a determination to change his own body image and the way he felt about himself. He turned to training himself first, setting goals and reaching them through perseverance. Friends and family saw the positive changes, resulting in healthy body and healthy attitude. 11 years ago, Markshane decided to turn his passion into his career and has been changing lives ever since.