“Shape Up Studio is our survival through a busy schedule. Two exercise appointments each week force me to take time out to nurture me, the last person I normally think of during the week. as a certified QuickBooks Advisor, I am always trying to help my clients with their needs. Shape Up Studio helps me with my needs and makes it fun, manageable and affordable.”

-Kathy Cazin

“Being on competitive teams for most of my life has given me the focus and motivation to achieve my goals while having fun at the same time. When I began working out at Shape Up Studio, I was able to experience what I have been missing when I was no longer on a team. The high energy environment and individually planned creative workouts motivated me each session and I experience better results than in my earlier years. Looking forward to working out is the key to achieving your fitness goals and Shape Up Studio is the best place to make it happen!

- Jennifer Richardson