11 years experience and more than 70 corporate clients

Are you an employer looking to provide the benefit of health and fitness to your employees? We offer on-site fitness sessions with certified fitness instructors. With over 11 years experience and more than 70 corporate clients, Shape Up Studio will put together a program to meet your corporate needs.

A corporate wellness program will:

  • Improve employee job performance
  • Provide a culture for health at work
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Decrease worker compensation claims
  • Lower insurance costs

  • Shape Up Studio provides:

  • Varied fitness programs: mat Pilates, yoga, strength training, and conditioning
  • Flexible shifts (morning, afternoon or evening).
  • Individual or group sessions
  • Company subsidized or employee paid sessions (we do the billing!)
  • 2 FREE Demos!
  • Meal planning
  • No on-site fitness facility required! Call Shape Up Studio for more information.